About Eddy

We exist to make life better for healthcare organizations and providers.

Healthcare is one of the most important and vital professions in modern society. This reality requires a significant amount of time and energy to ensure that all healthcare providers are fully qualified to offer care to patients.

Eddy exists to help ease the burden of these crucial, but time-consuming, processes so that healthcare providers and facilities can focus on what they do best: helping patients.

We are committed to setting a new standard of efficiency and risk-mitigation for all operational processes involved in making sure providers are qualified to give care.

We are proud to serve healthcare providers, organizations and facilities across the country and hope you will consider using our software and services to make life a little easier while improving the healthcare system.

Eddy Leadership Team

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Jennifer H. Vines

Chief Operating Officer

Deborah A. Beierle


Chief Medical Officer

Sasha Davidson


From Jennifer Vines

Eddy Founder & CEO

An eddy is defined as a circular movement of water, counter to a main current. From the start, this has described our approach: disruptive.

We came into the marketplace with the first solution of our kind; we went against industry norms and cracked the code for easy provider data management. 

The distribution of information from a healthcare provider to organizations should be simple and take less than an hour. Credentialing specialists shouldn’t require three different platforms to complete compliance processes. Most importantly, facilities should not be snail-mailing anything to providers for initial or reappointment. There is a better way to complete these vital processes, and it is Eddy. 

Eddy is personal. Our team understands that compliance specialists are crucial to the healthcare revenue cycle while remaining underappreciated for their hard work. It is our mission to make their jobs easier in any way we can. Birthdays and babies are celebrated with our clients because that is how real relationships are built. We listen to our clients and invite them to consult on new features while sharing ideas and visions for Eddy solutions. 

Things are different at Eddy. We're proud of it, and we’d like to share our unique approach to software and service with you.

Jennifer Vines
Eddy Founder and CEO

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