Mental Health Credentialing

What’s Required

Unfortunately, the process of getting credentialed can be particularly difficult for mental health practices. It requires a nightmarish number of forms, paperwork and many requirements.

For instance, you’re not ready to contact the insurance companies until you are prepared to provide references (both academic and personal), your transcripts, affiliations, board certifications and more. This is only the start.

It’s no surprise then that credentialing tends to be placed at the bottom of your list of priorities, until patients begin asking if you accept their insurance plan. Because this process can take quite some time (potentially 6 months), it is wise for mental health practices to get started sooner, rather than later.

The Problem

In the mental health field, clients and patients have more health benefits through their employers than ever before, which means that your goal should be to become affiliated with those insurance companies. The trouble is that navigating the credentialing process for the first time can be confusing and take a lot of your valuable time.

That is why comes in. We have credentialing specialists that have experience getting practices of many specialties, including mental health, on the insurance panels that will grow their business. Our suite of solutions including the self-service Eddy One, make the credentialing process, fast and simple. This eliminates all the guess work form the equation.

Our solutions are based on propriety technology with a simple and easy user interface. When it comes to mental health credentialing there is no better solution than Eddy. Our team of experts are here to help and have helped thousands of providers get what they need to succeed in the behavioral health industry.

Getting Started is ready to walk you through the process of getting your mental health practice credentialed. We’re the most reasonable approach to ensuring this process is completed efficiently and timely – so you can spend time on your patients. We have developed a One and Done model that allows for a single entry to work for all! Call today to learn more about how we can help your practice thrive.

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