Mental Health and Behavioral Health Credentialing Process

For many mental health counselors, therapists and psychologists, one of the most complex aspects of having a practice is dealing with insurance companies, and specifically joining insurance networks.

Eddy Is Here To Help

Eddy is a  full-service credentialing and contracting services that can be used as a stand-alone feature or in conjunction with other services. Our provider credentialing services can be used by a single provider to a large group. We simply the process to ensure the minimal amount of effort is to be performed by you.

Our Mental Health and Behavioral Health Credentialing Process

We have established helpful processes to ensure that your therapy credentialing and contracting happens in the most efficient and timely fashion. Our team is trained specifically in how to help therapists and counselors get credentialed, and will handle the entire process from start to execution of your contract. Our therapy credentialing and contracting services include the following:

  • Complete all application forms, created in a one and done format allowing for mass application through a single form.
  • Handle all communication and correspondence with insurance representatives and network management teams during the credentialing process
  • Submit network appeals in the event of network participation denials

Our Behavioral Health Credentialing services can help you get in network with the important plans in your market.  Eddy is experienced in working with mental health and behavioral health practitioners to get enrolled in the Medicare program as well as with commercial insurance plans.

Most commercial insurance plans have separate networks for behavioral health providers. Eddy is experienced in working with the specialized mental health and behavioral health networks of insurance carriers and can assist you with the process.  Our behavioral health provider enrollment services can save you time and money by handling all the paperwork redundancies involved in provider enrollment.  Our team of experts will work as your advocate with the insurance companies to get your application completed as timely as possible utilizing our proprietary systems.

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