Credentials Verification Services

Complete CVO Services

Complete credentialing verification services powered by Eddy.

Our team of experts uses the Eddy platform to manage the entire credentialing process based on your facility and organizational bylaws.

With EddyCore and EddyOne, you and your providers can take full advantage of the Eddy platform, while we take care of the entire credentialing process.

Complete CVO Services

A modern Credentials Verification Organization.

For those organizations that have a need to contract for credentials verification services; whether it be full-time or on an ad-hoc basis, EddyCVO is here to assist you.

Using the complete Eddy platform, we minimize the time required to complete the credentialing process and help your providers save time every time during reappointment cycles.

We Collect the Required Data

Using EddyOne, we work directly with your providers to gather all of the necessary data and documentation.

Verifications Per Accrediting Body Requirements

EddyCVO adheres to state, federal, and other accrediting bodies including NCQA, Joint Commission, and CMS.

Instant Access to Updates

EddyCVO clients always know where providers stand in the credentialing process by simply logging into their EddyCore account.

Stay Ahead of the Re-Credentialing Process

Eddy specialists calculate lead times based on your organization’s requirements and initiate communication with providers accordingly.

Service Plus Software

Best-in-class service, thanks to our innovative software.

Our specialists use EddyOne to gather provider data and EddyCore to organize and verify the data. By leveraging our team of experts and innovative software, we are the smart choice for credentialing services.

Unmatched visibility, transparency and accessibility.

EddyCore gives clients the ability to view all credentialing processes being handled by our specialists.

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Software designed to make life easier for your providers.

EddyOne helps providers drastically reduce the number of forms they have to complete by making it easy to share data and documents with requesting organizations.

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We've Got You Covered

With Eddy managing your credentialing processes, you can focus on bigger needs.

We help healthcare organizations of all sizes manage their entire credentialing processes. By leveraging our team of experts and intelligent software, you can count on us to provide reliable, efficient and responsive CVO service for your facility or organization.

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