Enrollment Management Services

Complete Enrollment Management

Complete enrollment management with industry-leading tracking and visibility.

Let our team of experts manage provider or facility enrollment for your organization from start to finish. By leveraging the Eddy platform, we help minimize the time required for both initial and re-enrollment.

Complete Enrollment Management

We manage all aspects of the enrollment lifecycle.

EddyEnroll specialists have the bandwidth to ensure that your providers are enrolled in the right networks as quickly as possible and that they stay ahead of all necessary re-enrollment requirements.

Collecting All Provider Data and Documentation

Using EddyOne, we work directly with your providers to collect all the necessary data and documentation for enrollment.

Network Enrollment Application Submissions

Using EddyCore, our team completes all necessary paperwork for network enrollment and submits everything required for network approval.

Manage Insurance Network Requests & Requirements

Our team works directly with your networks to ensure that all requirements are met for approval.

Ongoing Enrollment Renewal Management

Prior to re-enrollment, our team ensures that providers have updated and attested to their information prior to submitting their re-enrollment application.

Service Plus Software

Value-driven service thanks to our innovative software.

EddyEnroll specialists leverage the proprietary features of EddyOne and EddyCore to work at a most efficient level, and time is money, right? The less time it takes us, the greater the value for your organization.

Get unmatched visibility and transparency into our processes.

Using EddyCore, you can easily see exactly where every provider stands in the enrollment process without picking up the phone.

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Software designed to make life easier for your providers.

EddyOne helps providers drastically reduce the number of forms they have to complete by making it easy to share data and documents with requesting organizations.

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We've Got You Covered

Let Eddy manage your enrollment processes so you can focus on the bigger picture.

We help facilities and organizations across the country manage their entire provider and facility enrollment processes. By leveraging our team of experts with time-saving software, you can count on us to provide reliable, efficient and responsive enrollment services for your organization.

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