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May 6, 2020. Dallas, Texas
James Farese and his team at ReachLink selected Eddy for their provider data management and credentialing needs.

ReachLink uses technology to improve lives. We provide effective, affordable behavioral health care and aspire to enable access to care for all people. https://www.reachlink.com/

“What an incredible opportunity to provide technology and support to such an innovative healthcare organization. I believe that ReachLink has cracked the code in the mental health space by monetizing efficiency and removing conventional obstacles that keep individuals from seeking help. It’s all about engagement, and we are proud to share this vision with James and ReachLink.”

Jennifer Vines
Eddy Founder /CEO

Press Release
BOSTON Billing

January 7, 2020. Dallas, Texas
Boston Billing takes steps to maximize their efficiency by choosing Eddy's suite of software and enrollment services. President Susan Baumann has over two decades of experience with medical billing, revenue cycle management, coding, scheduling and more. Attention to detail and superior client service are the priorities at Boston Billing; both are critical when processing such vital information.

"Billing companies are learning about Eddy and the fluidity of our dual platforms. We are able to accommodate the unique needs of a variety of healthcare organizations better than our competitors because we designed Eddy with all facilities in mind: CVO, enrollment, billing, locums, staffing, etc. This is one of our most significant accomplishments to date. We are elated to work with Susan and Boston Billing and look forward to assisting them in continued success."

Jennifer Vines
Eddy Founder /CEO

Press Release

May 6, 2020 Dallas, Texas
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