You’re going to love Eddy.

Eddy simplifies your daily processes.

Did you know?

Eddy uses a common credentialing form which works at nearly all healthcare organizations.

Credentialing just got easier —

Credentialing, privileging, and enrollment are important, but they take up more time than they should. Medical Staff Professionals of all types can spend less time on these tasks and focus on the things that really matter.

Say goodbye to credentialing paperwork.

Eddy gives providers a simple, all-digital credentialing form that works at virtually all medical institutions and insurance networks.

This reduces the amount of paper, faxed, incomplete, and inaccurate applications you receive, so you spend less time on tedious tasks that slow you down.

It’s easy —

Providers complete Eddy’s Common Form and share it with you.

Eddy saves everything —

Eddy keeps everything required for provider credentialing in one place.

Access and share —

Share provider info with other departments, facilities, and institutions, as needed.

Stay ahead —

Eddy alerts you to upcoming expirations so you never miss a deadline.

You’ll love how Eddy saves you time.

Eddy is easy to use and can drastically improve your team's privileging process. 

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