Credentialing is expensive.

Eddy minimizes lost revenue by optimizing your onboarding process.

Eddy easily scales from small clinics to entire hospital systems with simple pricing based on the number of providers managed in Eddy.

Time really is money —

Inefficient onboarding processes create major bottlenecks for virtually all healthcare organizations.

This means new providers are sidelined, and revenue is lost while they wait to be credentialed and privileged.

60 days
Average Credentialing Time for New Provider
Average Provider Billings per Day
Estimated Revenue Lost per Provider Credentialing

Eddy streamlines your entire provider process,

Simple information intake for credentialing.
Manage and maintain provider privileges.
Share information with insurance networks.
Automation for maintaining compliance.

and securely connects providers to your credentialing and payers offices.

With Eddy —
Providers begin billing sooner which increases revenue.
Eddy is

Cloud based and HIPAA Compliant

Getting started is easier than you think.

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