Deborah Beierle Departs from Verity to Lead at Eddy

November 1, 2019

Deborah Beierle has accepted the position of Chief Operating Officer at Eddy effective November 1st. “When Deborah and I were introduced, I knew immediately that this was someone with the wisdom, knowledge, and experience that is invaluable to an industry-disrupter such as Eddy,” states Jennifer Vines, Eddy’s Founder and CEO. Vines continues, “Deborah is not only driven, but she also believes that it is time for a paradigm shift in this industry. Her desire to put the client first matches my own, and she knows that the specialists who are responsible for the foundation of every healthcare revenue cycle deserve the best.”

Statement from Deborah Beierle:

"With over 25 years of experience in the credentialing industry, I have always chosen the companies I wanted to be a part of. In 2001, I chose to move from working inside the credentialing industry to working for Morrisey Associates, as a sales director, selling software to assist credentialing experts with their then very manual tasks while ensuring compliance with state, federal and other regulatory bodies. Morrisey was the first Windows based credentialing software company, privately held, and their values were always focused on the customer. Over time Morrisey grew to be a leader in Credentialing and Privileging Software, of which I was proud to have been a part of.

In 2016, Morrisey was acquired, and. in a short time, I realized that the interworking relationships between employees and customers within the larger corporate structure was not for me.

I began searching to see what other options were available to me. As all searches go, they take time and I did not rush while considering consulting and various other options that were available to me with my experience. Unbeknownst to me, Eddy was looking for exactly what I have to offer. About a year ago, a connection was made, and after getting to know Jennifer Vines, Founder/CEO, and other team members at Eddy, I discovered that this company filled the void that the current (now previous) company did not provide.

Eddy is a company that enjoys what they do; they enjoy life and working together as a team while keeping the Customer’s focus always in front of them and, as such, being very transparent with their customers. Therefore, this was a driving factor toward making the move to Eddy; while also providing me with an opportunity to give back to the customer what the publicly held companies, in my eyes, are no longer providing to the customer.

In 1989, a well-known phrase was coined. “Field of Dreams” told us, “Build it, and he will come”. With advancements in technologies today, the advice can be updated to “Build what the customer needs and wants, and they will come”. I am looking forward to working with a customer-focused, forward-thinking team."

Deborah Beierle, CPCS

Chief Operating Officer


NAMSS Member since 1996

Eddy is a credentialing, privileging, enrollment and general provider data management software company based in Dallas, Texas that also offers CVO and enrollment services.

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