Eddy Announces New Office Location

January 20, 2020

Jennifer Vines, Founder/CEO of Eddy, is proud to announce the company’s move to Campbell Centre in Dallas, Texas. Eddy’s primary office is now on the 19th floor with spectacular views of the Dallas skyline from panoramic 18ft foot windows. The new location is close to Dallas CBD, Preston Center, the Telecom Corridor and the LBJ Freeway.

“When we reference ‘the gold buildings’ on Central Expressway, anyone who is familiar with Dallas knows where to find us,” states Vines. “As a Dallasite for over 36 years, it was important to me that our office building be recognizable, as well as easily accessible, for our team members and clients.”

Eddy’s provider data processing software, EddyONE, underwent a renovation of the User Interface (UI) in November 2019, and Vines hints that additional company growth and advancements will be announced in Q1 of 2020. EddyONE has separated itself from industry competitors with a dual-platform solution tailored for a seamless user-experience, the elimination of implementation and data conversion fees, and client access to the platform within 48 hours of contract signing. “I hear stories about organizations waiting 6 months to a year to implement a purchased solution, and this seems to be the antithesis of efficiency,” Vines explains. “One of the benefits of cloud-based software is its application to various use cases, and Eddy easily accommodates each of these with its unique design.”

Eddy is a Dallas-based software company that offers EddyONE, a provider data management platform that manages credentialing, privileging and enrollment for healthcare organizations and healthcare providers. Eddy was founded in 2016 and has a patent-pending on its proprietary solution.

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