Eddy Reduces Fees and Contract Length to Aid in Healthcare Staffing Crisis Caused By Coronavirus

March 15, 2020

Eddy’s CEO, Jennifer Vines, announced that her company will significantly reduce fees for software use and services, as well as reduce contract terms in response to the impending healthcare staffing crisis. “EddyCore, our patent-pending software, and all of our services, EddyCVO, EddyEnroll and Eddy+ Provider Concierge Service will be offered to healthcare organizations of all sizes, as well as providers, at a reduced rate,” states Vines. “We are most likely going to face a shortage of care providers, and having the most agile and efficient solution for quickly gathering provider data in order to credential, privilege and put them to work makes it our responsibility to remove as many obstacles as possible for those on the front lines.”

EddyCore is Eddy’s proprietary software that includes EddyOne, the provider data portal. It takes providers just 30-minutes to complete the EddyOne Common Form which gathers EVERY field needed for credentialing, privileging, and enrollment. “Providers can easily share this Common Form with ANY healthcare organization,” Vines continues. “Providers needing privileges at additional facilities or enrollment in additional payer plans only need to complete ONE form then share electronically.”

Eddy will also reduce the contract term for organizations in an effort to present its solution for short-term use for organizations that are already using a software which might not be meeting all of its needs. “Additionally, we will be providing data extract capabilities so that these organizations can use our data in their own system,” said Vines.

Eddy’s newest service is Eddy+ Provider Data Concierge which facilitates all aspects of managing a healthcare provider’s credentials: medical license, DEA, CDS application and renewal, CAQH profile management, and more. For a limited time, Eddy+ is being offered at a reduced rate. “I believe that an increased number of providers will be caring for patients via Telemedicine, and we are committed to assisting them in these efforts,” states Vines. “Additionally, providers will need credentials in multiple facilities, and with Eddy+, we can make that happen in a much shorter time frame.”

Eddy is a Dallas-based value-added credentialing software company that was founded in 2016 and has a patent-pending on its proprietary solution.

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