May 1, 2019

Enid Surgery Center Selects Eddy Credentialing Software and CVO

Surgery Center of Enid in Enid, Oklahoma will be using Eddy’s cloud-based solution to manage providers while Eddy’s CVO will process all verifications.

Surgery Center of Enid is an outpatient surgical center or Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC), where only surgical and minor procedures that do not require extended stay are performed. The multi-specialty facility has surgeons and nurses who adopt the best practices to achieve clinical excellence. SCE offers personalized care to all of its patients, and the goal is to provide cost-effective and high-quality outpatient surgical services with a personal touch.

Eddy is led by CEO Jennifer Vines who, after two years of researching previously offered solutions, designed every aspect of the full-scale credentialing software. “I couldn’t understand why providers were not given the opportunity to manage their own professional data while granting access to multiple entities at once,” says Vines. Eddy’s answer is a platform that is extremely user friendly and requires very little training. “It shouldn’t take more time to learn to use a system than it does to credential one provider file.”  

The other unique aspect of Eddy is data security. Eddy maintains two dedicated servers through ARMOR. Client databases are separate from the UI, which is the usual point of entry for hackers. By separating the two, an added level of security is provided. Vines adds, “This industry is constantly referring to HIPAA compliance, but many software companies continue to host solutions in shared environments. This should be the first question asked of any prospective software solution.”

Eddy is a Dallas-based credentialing software company that was founded in 2016 and has a patent-pending on its proprietary solution.

Learn more about Eddy at or by emailing

Ideal Privileges, LLC/dba Eddy

2310 N. Henderson Ave. Suite 1037

Dallas, TX 75206

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