July 17, 2019

ID Healthcare Identifies With Eddy’s Efficient Methods

ID Healthcare of (Corinth, Texas) provides innovative, effective and high-quality services to healthcare service providers worldwide. The providers with whom they work greatly benefit from the years of healthcare expertise that are the backbone of IDH.

While exploring options for a credentialing solution, ID Healthcare was focused on finding a technology that would contribute to their efforts in stabilizing the revenue cycle for clients while remaining affordable without a significant upfront financial commitment. EddyCVO and EddyEnroll services are offered on a monthly subscription basis and each provides access to the EddyONE platform for managing progress.

“We love working with organizations such as ID Healthcare, as they are provider advocates, and we, at Eddy, believe that practitioner burn-out can be drastically reduced with just a bit more efficiency. IDH promotes smarter processes, and we look forward to supporting them.”

Eddy is a Dallas-based credentialing software company that was founded in 2016 and has a patent-pending on its proprietary solution.

Learn more about Eddy at http://www.eddynow.com or by emailing sales@eddynow.com.

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