WPS Health Solutions Selects Eddy For Health Insurance Credentialing

February 28, 2019

WPS Health Solutions has awarded Eddy a contract to facilitate credentialing for its health insurance division’s 9,000-plus providers. WPS is outsourcing all primary-source verification responsibilities to Eddy.

The Wisconsin-based company has a joint credentialing department for its WPS Health Insurance and Arise Health Plan operations. By decreasing the timeline for provider enrollment using Eddy’s patent-pending technology and expert credentialing services, WPS expects to increase customer satisfaction.

Eddy’s cloud-based solution disrupted the health care industry in 2017 at the annual NAMSS Conference in Colorado Springs as the first credentialing software to offer a provider platform at no additional cost.

“When looking at the industry from the outside, it was apparent that while technology in medical care continued to advance, health care administration technology took a back seat,” states Jennifer Vines, founder and CEO of Eddy. “Providers need a place to store their professional data and organizations need to access that data and use it in the most efficient manner. Throw in stellar customer service and software updates on a weekly basis, and that’s Eddy.”

Vines adds, “There is a benefit offering to current and future enrolled providers of WPS, as the continuous access to their data, even after being accepted, puts the reins of their professional credentials back in their hands. Providers can share their Eddy profile with any health care facility in the country, regardless of client status. So yes, Eddy truly is the last credentialing application we hope providers ever have to complete.”

Eddy is a Dallas-based credentialing software company that was founded in 2016 and has a patent-pending centralized solution.

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