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Healthcare Organizations & Facilities

Upgrade your expectations.

EddyAnalytics tackles your performance metric needs from all angles. Our state of the art technology creates detailed visualizations of your data in the form of administrative dashboards, individualized provider report cards, and dynamic reporting capabilities.

Integrate data from multiple sources without the need to recalibrate formulas and functions when the data is updated.

EddyAnalytics clients is a standalone solution that can be deployed in a couple of months.

Modern Credentialing and Enrollment Infrastructure

Managing credentialing, privileging, and enrollment just got easier.

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Services for Organizations & Facilities

Credentialing services
fully-managed by Eddy.

Let our team of experts leverage the efficiency of Eddy's platforms to handle all aspects of provider credentialing.

Credentials Verification Services

Efficient verification services for facilities and organizations.

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Healthcare Providers

Enter your data one time.

EddyOne is a free cloud-based credentials management platform designed to help providers eliminate the pain points that accompany credentialing, privileging and enrollment.

Eddy also offers a concierge service for providers who need a dedicated specialist to help manage their professional data and documentation.

Credentials Management Platform

Easily add, store and share all of your credentials with any facility. Save time every time you need to be credentialed or enrolled. 100% free.

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We provide best-in-class software and services that assist both healthcare organizations and providers, saving valuable time and resources.

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