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Eddy takes the pain out of credentialing and enrollment for healthcare organizations, staffing firms, billing companies, providers, health plans, and medical staff offices.
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Healthcare Organizations

Optimizing your credentialing process with Eddy reduces lost revenue by allowing your organization to move faster.
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Healthcare Providers

Eddy alleviates the time required to complete this painstaking process. The common form works at over 95% of U.S. medical institutions.
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Medical Staff Services

Eddy is designed to streamline credentialing, privileging, enrollment and compliance so you and your team can save time.

Meet Eddy

Eddy is a simple, web-based platform designed to fix the privileging and credentialing process — for everyone.

Providers complete Eddy’s comprehensive credentialing form once and securely share it with medical institutions, as needed.

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Medical staff offices and organizations use Eddy to easily gather, manage, view, and share what they need for compliance.

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Why Eddy?

The Common Form

One comprehensive form that works virtually everywhere. Say goodbye to endless paper forms.

Document Collection

Upload and manage documents needed for credentialing and privileging.

Customized Compliance

Easily establish alerts based on the bylaws of your organization or individual facility. 

Seamless Sharing

Connect other departments and facilities to provider data for simple sharing. 

HIPAA Compliant

Eddy is HIPAA compliant, as well as HITRUST and HITECH certified ensuring safety and control for all users. 

Renewal Alerts

Stay up to date on on workflow tasks so you never fall behind.

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