Modern Credentialing and Enrollment Software

Introducing EddyCore

A better way to manage provider credentialing and enrollment.

Collecting provider data, verifying credentials and enrolling providers is fast and easy with EddyCore. Stop chasing paper forms and say hello to a simple, efficient workflow for provider credentialing and enrollment.

Multi-Platform Architecture

EddyCore for facilities.
EddyOne for providers.

EddyOne is our 100% free credentials management platform for healthcare providers. With EddyOne, providers can easily store all credentials and share in real-time with EddyCore.

Why EddyCore?

Smart features that save you time.

Let’s face it, managing compliance processes is a complicated and vital job. EddyCore was designed by credentialing and enrollment experts to make life easier for anyone responsible for managing provider credentialing and enrollment.

Automate Verifications

Automated primary-source verifications.

EddyCore connects directly with many of the most commonly used PSV databases allowing you to verify with the touch of a button.

Instant Data Transfer

Populate any form with provider data, instantly.

EddyCore allows you to effortlessly complete forms and applications with provider data. We’ll even map any new documents for free, so you save time, every time.

Workflow Management

Delegate tasks and track chain of responsibility.

Managers can easily delegate responsibilities to team members to ensure efficiency and accountability. EddyCore also tracks actions and completed processes, increasing visibility and ensuring compliance.

Simple Customization

Customize PSV sources for all provider types.

Customizing primary sources and the required verifications for each type of provider is easy. Our interface makes defining your compliance and verification processes in accordance with your bylaws, standards, and regulatory bodies a simple, straight-forward process.

Cloud Based Platform

Secure data and document storage in the cloud.

All data and documents are stored using modern cloud-based technologies, allowing access from a cell phone, tablet, laptop or desktop using any browser. Eddy's digital-first approach helps eliminate paper-driven processes while increasing accessibility and efficiency between you and your providers.

Our Philosophy

Customer Driven. Service Focused.

We provide best-in-class software and services that assist both healthcare organizations and providers, saving valuable time and resources.

Seamless Data Sharing

Integrated with EddyOne to allow for seamless collection of provider data.

Fast Implementation

Industry-leading implementation speed with services to simplify your transition.

Workflow Assignments

Delegate verification and enrollment tasks while tracking action items in real-time.

All Features Included

No modules. No feature limitations. Get the full power of Eddy right out of the box.

Unlimited Accounts

Create unlimited non-provider accounts with no additional fees.

Automated Verifications

Run numerous primary source verifications with the click of a button.

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