Credentials Management Platform

for Healthcare Providers

Fewer Forms. More Freedom.

EddyOne is a free, cloud-based credential management platform designed to help providers minimize the time it takes to prepare for credentialing and enrollment.

No more filling out the same forms and submitting the same documents every time. Simply update your information in EddyOne and instantly share with any facility or organization.

Complete One Form

Eddy’s Common Form collects every bit of data needed for credentialing and enrollment and takes as little as 30 minutes to complete.

Upload Documentation

No more looking for files. EddyOne lets you upload and store all of your licenses and documentation securely in the cloud.

Share With Anyone

EddyOne allows you to share all professional information and documentation with any organization, even if they are not Eddy customers.

Update, Attest and Share

Easily update your existing data, if needed, and electronically attest to the changes during each re-credentialing or re-enrollment process.

Delegate an Agent

Let someone complete and/or manage your profile. Delegating an agent and giving access to your account is easy with EddyOne.

Save Time and Headache

EddyOne is designed to help you reduce the number of redundant processes while simplifying the sharing of information. =It’s time for you to get back to better things.

Accessible on any desktop or mobile device.

EddyOne offers unrivaled flexibility for providers who can easily update their data on the go.

Automatic CV/Resume creation.

EddyOne will use your accurate data to create a professional CV/Resume to print, download, and share.

Providers can assign an Agent.

EddyOne allows providers to designate an Agent who is authorized to edit their profile and data while user logs track those changes.

Eddy’s Provider Data Network offers simultaneous sharing.

Eddy’s PDN feature gives providers the ability to share their data with multiple institutions at once.

EddyOne is Free for Healthcare Providers.

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